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we are focused on delivering you strategies, systems and educational products so that you can create your personal wealth and financial freedom through real estate. FIND OUT HOW

Are you thinking of an early retirement but worried you might run out of money?

Are you worried that you are going to have to settle for the ‘age pension’ when you FINALLY stop work?

Thousands of Australian's are retiring comfortably thanks to a Real Estate Income.

In this Free Online Training, you will learn how YOU can retire early with a Real Estate Income

In 45 minutes you will discover:

The simple way to determine exactly where to start so that you know how much you need to have your amazing lifestyle in your retirement

The little-known-secret of how to strategically fast track your retirement using real estate, so you can stop work sooner

Three simple techniques you can apply immediately to increase the cash flow of your home or investment property. This means your property will pay for itself…and put money into your bank account each and every month

To Learn all of this plus much much more, hit Register Now below.

Helping You To Create Your Financial Freedom!


Janene O’Connor, CEO of Reno Riches, conducts live presentations at different locations throughout Australia several times each year.

For those who can not attend, she has also created digital recordings of live workshops so that you can review and learn, at time and place that suits you.


We have a suite of digital coaching programs, all designed to help improve your expertise in buying, selling and renovating real estate, so that you can maximise the return on your investments

Success Stories

My girlfriend and I have used the Reno Riches program for our first renovation. We searched for about 5 months to find the right type of property to suit exactly what we wanted to do. We bought our property in Bondi for $807,000 and after the renovations have increased the value to just over $1.1mil.  And this is our first project we have done. We’re already looking for our next project and are really excited to do this all again.

Thanks Reno Riches for giving us the right ideas and strategies for making this all come together. Matt Spence

(Bondi NSW)

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